'mini-section': music
A garage-punkrock explosion
made in Spain
'Sexual Virginity' album colourful cover 'Sexual Virginity' album colourful cover

Irrefutable songs with light low-fi brushstrokes, accelerated sounds and brutal melodies

Today we inaugurate our first 'mini-section', this one about alternative music with Cari: rhythms out of the ordinary, punchy, catchy, different. If you want to show off here your own creative hidden or public passion (photography, multimedia, randomness), express your interest! Now, to the music.

'Hang It Up' hit

'No Truck Truckers' define themselves as "a garage, Korean pop and southern rock band". With members from both France and Spain and originally formed in Zaragoza (northern Spain) about four years ago, this band have been showing a powerful garage punkrock style among the Spanish music scene that it's definitely worth paying attention to. And they sing in English!

Recomended by several RNE-Radio 3 programs and named one of the "must know" bands by the Rolling Stone magazine, 'No Truck Truckers' display a convincing naughty attitude on stage and have managed to turn a dirty-noisy ball of sound into music for your ears, remembering 'The Jim Jones Revue' (who have recently toured Australia and played at the last Falls Festival), 'Jon Spencer Blues Explosion' or 'Black Lips'.

'No Truck Truckers' have just recorded their last album in 2011, "Sexual Virginity", edited exclusively in a nostalgic 12 inches vinile, which shows new influences that go from 'The Sonic' to 'Motörhead'. Eleven irrefutable songs with light "low-fi" brushstrokes, accelerated sounds and brutal melodies that will get you jumping of your chair without respite.

Check 'Just Crash' here, a powerful hit from their last album "Sexual Virginity"

Cari, la chica ye-yé

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