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For a man with a history of getting himself into precarious situations, Ricardo Añasco is unassailably cheerful.

He is also the perfect interviewee who, having just come from a session at his local gym, greets me with warmth and a container filled to the brim w...

Forget about the Melbourne Cup for a moment! Paul Brown, the President of the Andalusian Horse Association of Australasia (AHAA), rode his first horse when he was 58. He simply felt in love.

Why would you bring Andalusian horses all the way from the other side o...

Scott Wasley was researching about wine when he got sick of teaching at Uni during the day and working in hospitality at night. He then decided to establish The Spanish Acquisition. In it's 10th anniversary, the Acquisition is an official sponsor of Spanish Australia Magazine launch.

MoVida's popular chef, Frank Camorra, has recently published 'Movida's Guide To Barcelona' and 'Movida Cocina'. Writer? Chef? TV Star? All that and more: Frank talks with Span...

'Bread For Good' is a nationwide campaign that invites patrons to donate $2 or more when they order bread in a restaurant. The project aims to raise money and awareness to help children impacted by the East African food crisis.

If you are thinking about going to this year's edition of the Sydney Latin American Film Festival, but you are not sure about what movie to pick (we all know how random can foreign film festivals be sometimes...) here you have a sure bet: 'El inca, la boba y el hijo del ladrón' (The inc...

It is the opening night and fifteen minutes before the show starts, Spanish speakers from different backgrounds and the occasional English-speaking friend gather in expectation. I missed their first production back in October, 'The Toothbrush' so I'm intrigue by a performance in Spanish with Engl...

Machete Kills is an action-packed, dynamic thriller directed by American director, screenwriter and producer, Robert Rodriguez. This is the hit sequel to Machete, the first in a series of three that shadows protagonist, Machete, and his waring prowess.

Interestingly, the series was insp...

The 15 October Movement that is taking over the world started in Spain in 15 May with the 'Indignants' ('Indignados'). Back then, thousands of people occupied the main Spanish CDBs, protesting against government welfare cutbacks as a consequence of the financial crisis.

From cities such...

SAM writer, Paola Ghirelli chats to Chilean-born director Marco Romero and actress Margarita Leon – both working on Spanish play 'The Toothbrush'. Marco is also in the process of introducing his new company to Melbourne's theatre scene; an entity that will cater to the substantial Spanish conti...

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This is the story of a group of Catalans who decided to cross the world and start a new life… in Australia. But did they know where they were going? The Catalan Footprint in Australia


The Young Chefs Culinary Scholarship in Spain was created in 2007 by ICEX in response to the growing international influence of Spanish cuisine. Awaiting for the 2013 edition here


Spain is more than paella, sangría and San Fermines for some Aussies, particularly for those who lived in the country. Stories of how they keep alive their piece of Spain back at home