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For a country almost half the size of New South Wales, Spain’s influence on global food trends is nothing short of extraordinary. Right throughout history they have shaped and defined what we eat, how it’s made and the way we eat it. And chocolate is no exception…

Chocolate. One word and so many different types. Let's focus here on the European style, that thick chocolate not as easy to find in Australia as in Spain.

The easiest place where to find the thick chocolate type is together with 'churros'. The Chocolateria San Churro, a chain with stores all around Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane states that "nowhere in the world was chocolate more quickly and enthusiastically embraced than in Spain (...) Most Spaniards get their daily chocolate hit by devouring ' churros con chocolate'.

Churros, or Spanish doughnuts, are long, lightly deep-fried pastries made from a light flour and water batter. Crispy, golden and dusted with cinnamon sugar, churros are traditionally served with a cup of thick and rich Spanish hot chocolate. ­Not only are churros the signature dish of the chocolateria, but they're also a classic and popular breakfast item and a humble yet formidable star of Spanish cuisine".

It's funny to travel around Spain and discover how different regions of the country consume the 'churros con chocolate'. In Madrid, for example, they are usually eaten after a massive night out, at around 5 or 6 am on the way back home, sometimes even accompanied by the last beer of the night.

In other places can be more common to eat 'churros' late in a lazy sunday morning as a sweet breakfast or even in the afternoon as a 'merienda', the equivalent to an afternoon tea. In Barcelona, for example, is almost impossible to get a table down the Carrer de Petritxol, in the Gothic Quarter.

Luckily, this thick chocolate together with the 'churros' is easily included as a adessert in many Spanish restaurants menus in Australia, and even certain brands of chocolate from overseas to make it at home.

If you want to know where, send us an email and we will locate the closest restaurant or store for you.

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