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in Melbourne
Sip on a cocktail while eating Spanish tapas Sip on a cocktail while eating Spanish tapas Sara Bosch


103 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000

Opening Hours:
Rooftop: Mon - Sun 3pm - late
Mon - Fri: 12pm - 3pm
Mon - Sun: 6pm - late

03 9077 0451
Lots of the ingredients come from the couple's organic urban veggie garden which makes them fully local and seasonal

If your son's first word was "duck", what would you call your latest creation? The Aylesbury, a big and fatty kind of duck, slower to breed but tastier to eat. That's what Jesse and Vanessa, the couple behind Añada in Fitzroy, have named their second restaurant, which opened just one month ago in the city.

Jesse at the Aylesbury - Spanish Australia Magazine

It is rather tricky to describe The Aylesbury. On the ground floor, after passing through a Russian wooden door, there is a neat and spacious restaurant with a menu that changes from lunch to dinner time, and even from week to week. Everything but boring. Lots of the ingredients come from the couple's organic urban veggie garden which makes them fully local and seasonal.

They also cure, smoke, bake and pickle on site. The menu has some Spanish hints including morcilla, rabbit burger, oysters and gazpacho, but the cuisine is not exclusively Spanish. Away from the restaurant district of Lonsdale St, and next to a laneway, it makes the experience Melbournian.

The Spanish bit becomes more obvious when you get in the lift (yes, lift) and go up to the 5th floor, where you will find yourself immersed in a different vibe. There is a standing bar area from which to eat Spanish tapas with different ingredients from the ground floor, such as jamon, tortilla and even handmade chorizo and for the sweet tooth, churros con chocolate. The owner Jesse justifies himself: "We've been doing Spanish food for so long that we can't help it!" The outside area is the ideal place to get some fresh air, view the city from above, and sip on a cocktail, protected from the rain by a big canopy; after all, this is Melbourne.

What the chefs do with meat is a perfect way of explaining The Aylesbury two spaces: "We buy a whole beef", explains Jesse, "and we use some parts for the restaurant downstairs and others for the rooftop bar".

As for Jesse's favourite saying: "I just love when people swear in Spanish (laughs). I'm not sure... Oh yes! Pimientos del padron, unos pican y otros no!" (padron peppers: some of them are chilly, some of them are not); which basically means 'having good or bad luck'.

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