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'Bread For Good' UNICEF campaign UNICEF
UNICEF campaign
Show your support by booking a table today: For every $2 that you donate, UNICEF can provide therapeutic food to keep a child alive

'Bread For Good' is a nationwide campaign that invites patrons to donate $2 or more when they order bread in a restaurant. The project aims to raise money and awareness to help children impacted by the East African food crisis.


Almost 12.4 million people, more than half the Australian population, are affected by the devastating crisis, including over 2 million children. A child is dying every 6 minutes.

For every $2 that you donate, UNICEF can provide therapeutic food to keep a child alive for a day.

Show your support by booking a table today. These are the Spanish restaurants that have joined the project (listed alphabetically):

  • Añada, Fitzroy, VIC
  • Bodega Tapas, Surry Hills, Sydney
  • Garcia & Sons, Windsor, VIC
  • MoVida Aquí, Melbourne CBD
  • MoVida, Melbourne CBD
  • MoVida Next Door, Melbourne CBD

We need the support of restaurateurs to make a tremendous difference in those children's lives.

Registration: To register your restaurant (ends November 2011), please email breadforgood @

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