Before I buy the product,
I need to smell the dirt
Scott Wasley, owner of The Spanish Acquisition Scott Wasley, owner of The Spanish Acquisition

The Spanish Acquisition

T. +61 3 9495 6373
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P.O. Box 1259
Collingwood 3066 VIC

I like developing personal relationships beyond products; I'm a socialist I guess

Scott Wasley was researching about wine when he got sick of teaching at Uni during the day and working in hospitality at night. He then decided to establish The Spanish Acquisition. In it's 10th anniversary, the Acquisition is an official sponsor of Spanish Australia Magazine launch.

- When did you decided to take the first step and start the business?
I drank too much to be a good professor, so I thought I should better find a productive way to get into the booze! (laughs) I always liked quality wine, so I started researching the Spanish market in the 90s and realized that something big was about to happen, as modernization was taking over the wine industry in Spain.

- Then what?
I went to Spain in 2000, met some people, made some contacts and tried some products. Then I came back here and started importing Spanish wines in my little one bedroom apartment in St Kilda. Ten years later, we are a team of six people and have more than one car!

- You are a writer, educator and all-round wineguy. Would you also consider yourself a pioneer in the discovery of the Spanish wine market in Australia?
Sort of... Kind of... Maybe? (smiles) What I certainly know is that I represent certain selected Spanish wines, including elegant and modern types. I'm definitely far from the old classic Rioja or big international brands.

- Sounds special.
It's not just about importing products. I like developing personal relationships beyond products; I'm a socialist I guess. So I want to know the people I work with are environmentalists and interesting people. I like playing with their dog and smell the dirt of the winery.

- How many producers do you buy wine or beer from?
I started with 25 and now I have 50 odd-producers from Spain and Portugal. Every year, I add two or three new ones while some of my current clients have been showing me wine for over five years until I've agreed on buying it! My philosophy relies on buying the product I know, as it reflects me somehow.

- Why did you come up with the name 'The Spanish Acquisition'?
Because I was going to open a pub called 'Scottie', but that's boring and utterly predictable, isn't it?

- When is your next trip to Spain?
I have already planned three for 2012. I need to step up my research...

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