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Winning Grammy Awards and Latin music accolades later in his stardom timeline, El Cigala is now considered one of Spain's top artists. And even though he has sometimes been criticised for moving onto various forms of fusion flamenco styles and even moving out of Spain, El Cigala assured Spanish Australia Magazine that he still remains true to the old-style flamenco as well as to his beloved birth country Spain. By writer, Paola Ghirelli.

- You live in Punta Cana, not particularly a flamenco destination, why did you move out of Spain?
I didn't really move from Spain because I love Spain very much. I wanted to be more central to Latin America because I was getting so many work contracts in that area. Because part of my family lives in Punta Cana, in a way I am living between Punta Cana and Madrid.

- Is the move to Punta Cana continuing to influence your style into a more Latin evolution? We heard your next album will have salsa in it...
First of all, thanks to God for Flamenco! Yes I have always loved using different kinds of music and many of my previous albums have included styles such as tangos and boleros. However, at the moment I am going back to basics with traditional Flamenco for my new album.

Following Lágrimas Negras, you released the second Cuban jazz-influenced album Dos Lágrimas in 2008. Who/or what music are you listening at the moment?
I love all styles of music, but I am also going back to basics here listening to the classics. I am currently enjoying Maria Callas, Mozart's Atrium, Ray Charles and other older jazz musicians, and then of course I am also listening to Flamenco and Paco de Lucia.

- How was your relationship with Paco de Lucia?
I was the grandchild and he was the grandfather. I was always learning all I could from the big star...

- When was the last time you visited Australia?
I was in Australia with Paco de Lucia about 20 years ago. I loved it then. I found the Australian audiences very enthusiastic.

- What do you expect from the Australian audience this time?
I am looking forward to a lot of emotion, and I will be working hard to bring it out of all the people with my performance.

- What do you do when you are not working?
I like playing my PlayStation Fifa game. I also love going to the beach with my family and playing football with my little son.

- Who do you want to win the World Cup 2014?
I would like Brazil to win, as they have it in their hearts.

Thanks Diego!

Diego La Cigala will be touring Australia this year.
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