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This is how it looks inside This is how it looks inside

: RoundTrip eBooks, 2011
ebook for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, available iBookstore $24.99
We realised that we were surrounded by this wonderful array of personalities and accents

Spanish in a Suitcase is an original ebook; a beginner Spanish method for travellers, packed full of audio and ready to go. Part method, part phrasebook, its five chapters are well-structured with clear layout and concise explanations, and provides the essentials for travel situations.

Its authors are Toni Edwards and Ana Ruiz González, who established Melbourne's El Patio Spanish Language School in 2001. The content evolved from their extensive experience with students: "We realised that intrepid Australians needed an easy Spanish learning manual, especially with audio", says Ana.

It contains 240 audio examples of all of the Spanish in the book, along with written English translations, which allows users to grow their Spanish at their own pace.

Topics mainly include:

  • Greetings
  • Asking and answering basic questions
  • Pronunciation
  • Ordering food
  • Numbers
  • Getting around
  • Time and timetables for transport
  • Lots of vocabulary
  • A bit of grammar for those wanting to understand how to put it all together

The audio recordings show voices of seven of the talented teachers of El Patio Spanish Language School. You can hear a variety of accents from all over – Spain, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and even some Australians. "We realised that we were surrounded by this wonderful array of personalities and accents", says Toni.

Spanish in a Suitcase gets straight to the point and dives straight in without the fuss and waffle that some language-learning methods still incorporate. Each lesson revolves around a broad topic and begins with new words. The words are turned into phrases, and then dialogues are added.

Users are encouraged to utilise the interactivity of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch – for example, regular suggestions are given to create sticky-style notes for new words encountered on the road. These searchable notes give the ebook a personal touch, making it a brilliant travel companion, when it's really needed.

This ebook sits in the space between the study one hopes to do pre-travel, and the phrasebook to take on the road. It is also suitable for any beginning student, whether enrolled in a course, or making a solo Spanish language journey.


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