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It's easy to get hooked on padel

How hard is to introduce a new sport? Lluis, Cris and Clara can answer this question: they decided to import padel, a racquet sport played extensively in Spain and Latin America. So far, so good.

Padel at St Kilda Festival

- Who had the idea?
We founded BCN Sports together two years ago with the aim to introduce padel in Australia. We exhibited the sport temporarily with Spanish professionals at the St. Kilda Festival exhibition first. It was a great turnout: people lined up for hours despite the sun and the high temperatures.

- So where can we play now?
After the successful intro, we built a permanent court in Altona North. It's an indoor court, suitable for Melbourne weather.

- How would you describe padel?
It's basically a cross between tennis and squash. It has been described as 'tennis with walls', as you play in an enclosed court in which you can use the four walls around you; the bouncing is actually the funny bit. It's typically played in doubles, as then it makes it easier to reach all walls. It's one of the fastest growing sports in the world!

- What's exciting about it?
It's easy to play and to achieve a good skill level (no overhead serve!), so it's easy to get hooked on it. People who have never played a racquet sport before can, within a few hours, reach a level of competence where they can enjoy playing. When players reach a higher level, padel becomes fast, skilful and intense. It's also suitable for almost any age and skills level.

- Who plays padel?
Mostly families, couples and groups of friends. It's easier to introduce children to racquet sports compared with tennis and squash, since a small racquet handle is needed and the court size is smaller.

- What kind of events do you organise?
Due to popular demand, we are organising our second tournament at the end of January. There will be also be womens and mens weekly competitions on Wednesday and Thursday nights respectively, which will be commencing in February.

- What's new in 2012?
In Spain, sport clubs are focused on social events together with sport, so we'd like to hold more tournament combined with social events too. We are also aiming to have a more traditional outdoor court constructed this year. After all, it has been described as 'squash in the sun'.

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