Machete Kills

With the simple yet classic plotline of saving the world, it is a race against time, firepower and manpower for protagonist, Trejo starring as Machete

Machete Kills is an action-packed, dynamic thriller directed by American director, screenwriter and producer, Robert Rodriguez. This is the hit sequel to Machete, the first in a series of three that shadows protagonist, Machete, and his waring prowess.

Interestingly, the series was inspired by a fake trailer in the film Grindhouse. Perhaps because of its unique origins, the series features an amazing array of stars from Danny Trejo and Mel Gibson to Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen.

The sequel, Machete Kills, is a suspenseful drama bursting with guns, cars and charming good looks. It draws on the ever-brewing constant crusade between Mexican cartels and the American government on the border between the two countries.

With such an animated, frenzied backdrop, Rodriguez seizes every opportunity to demonstrate his thrall for action, wrestling, guns, rockets and a range of other high-velocity weapons as the protagonists engage in battle after battle. Needless to say, regardless of whether the cartels, American law enforcement or some other private-eye with his own agenda is brandishing the firearm, bludgeon or missile in question, Machete always come out on top with his skill, experience and wieldy weapon of choice.

With the simple yet classic plotline of saving the world, it is a race against time, firepower and manpower for protagonist, Trejo starring as Machete. Cartel manpower, a schizophrenic revolutionary and an American trillionaire all pose significant threats to the unbeatable, unstoppable, immortal Machete. As the film says, he is "vengeance" himself. He cannot die, he cannot be beaten and will not surrender.

Blazing guns, Jackie-Chan-style-fighting and wicked machinery aside, Machete Kills employs an amusing combination of English and Spanish that would make all of us laugh. With classic comedic relief provided by memorable, pre-recorded voice tapes designed to help foreigners learn Spanglish, you cannot fail to be entertained and enthralled. 

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By Chrissy Becker
Spanish Australia Magazine Intern

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