Red Eagle, The Movie
an epic adventure
Red Eagle, The Movie Red Eagle, The Movie

The Spanish Robin Hood, a mix between El Zorro, a Ninja warrior and a bit of Clark Kent when changing costumes

Let's travel in time to the Madrid of the Golden Century (Siglo de Oro), when Spain was one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world.

'Red Eagle, The Movie' is based on a popular Spanish tv show which had thousands of followers throughout the four seasons. The dashingly handsome Spanish main character is a teacher during the day and a superhero at night. He is the Spanish Robin Hood, a mix between El Zorro, a Ninja warrior and a bit of Clark Kent when changing costumes. He is a hero of the people who fights against injustice and who also has a mission in life: to find out his own lineage.

The film is an epic story with hints of Spanish history, comedy, treason, love, villains and heroes. The plot is an important summit among the main European kingdoms at the time, France, Portugal, England and Spain which in reality is the excuse for an outrageous conspiracy of the first tree countries to kill the Spanish King, Phillip IV, and occupy Spain and divide up its Colonies.

Red Eagle has an important mission this time to save the King of Spain and stop the imminent invasion his own country but a painful incident will make him reject his role as a hero. You need to watch the movie to find out what happens.

Red Eagle is a movie mainly for the TV show fans but for sure it will also captivate the Aussie audience with its beautiful Spanish landscapes, a great dose of adventure, sword fights, villains, hot Spanish chicks and, of course, a dashing hero.

Cari, la chica ye-yé

'Red Eagle, The Movie' will be released in Australia on DVD on the 20th June 2012. Do you want us to send you a copy? We are giving away 5 DVD's for those who email us to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the subject: "I am a Red Eagle" and your address. Competition ends on Thursday!

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