Spain: take 2
Alisa, very excited Alisa, very excited Sian Moore

She works as a music teacher in Melbourne and has plenty of new ideas and would like to incorporate more music in her teaching role as an Auxiliar

When Alisa Sakura Scott arrived home in Melbourne after a six month stint in Madrid all she could think about was returning to Spain. As an Auxiliar de Conversación (Language and Culture Assistant), she now has the opportunity to do just that. In around one month, she will be back in the city and country that she fell in love with.

Last time we caught up with Alisa she had just re-applied for the Language and Culture Assistant Program. Since returning, she has completed her Degree in a Bachelor of Music, but soon realised that something was missing in her life. In the 13 months that she has been back in Melbourne Alisa laments that: "Not a day goes by that I don't think of Spain."

What does Alisa miss most about Spain? "Everything!" She misses her friends, Spanish hospitality, the language and, of course, jamón. Alisa is also keen to rekindle her command of the language so she tries to use Spanish in emails and on Facebook when talking with her Spanish friends. And she just can't wait to eat authentic Spanish food and sip on a tinto de verano in her favourite bars.

Second time around, Alisa has set herself some new challenges. "This time I want to be more independent and, if I can, live with Spaniards who don't speak English so I have no choice." She is intent on improving her Spanish and setting up a life for herself in Madrid because, in the future, she hopes to move there permanently.

As a musician, Alisa also wants to further explore her musical options. She intends to do more singing and seek out some musical groups to join. So passionate is she about singing in Spanish that she eventually plans to complete her Master's Degree in Spain. She works as a music teacher in Melbourne and has plenty of new ideas and would like to incorporate more music in her teaching role as an Auxiliar.

Alisa is excited to explore more of Spain this time. While she travelled Europe quite extensively in 2011, she regrets not seeing more of Spain. Two of her treasured memories were from her travels in Spain: to her friend's village Soria in Castilla y León and to see Las Fallas in Valencia. This time both the north and south of Spain are on her itinerary.

The Melbournian is more than ready to re-immerse herself in the Spanish way of life. Having gone through the process of settling into a new environment before, she feels much more relaxed about it and realises how very lucky she is. "I think the program is a fantastic way to experience life in Spain, a way to make wonderful lifelong friends and, of course, it's a great way to help improve your Spanish."

Alisa is just one of many young Australians taking this opportunity and immersing themselves in everything Spanish.

Check our first interview with Alisa when she first arrived from Spain!

By Sian Moore
Spanish Australia Magazine intern

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