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What a clown usually carries around the world... What a clown usually carries around the world... Sara Bosch
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I am close to the 10,000 km

Alvaro is a Spanish clown who cycles the world. He left Spain 10 years ago and has pedaled in 63 countries. His 'job' is a very humble one: make people smile. For free. He is currently in Melbourne explaining his peculiar way of life. Check our calendar events if you wonder 'what the hell is this guy doing!'

The Nomad's Smile Trailer

This Spanish clown has just released 'The Nomad's Smile', his latest 'Biciclown' documentary. Shooted in Mongolia, India and Nepal, it is funded by 'clownfunding', a simple, transparent and solidar formula.

Don't you get tired?
It is not good to go fast and be comfortable. Somebody said that no matter how much you run, death is always waiting for you. If you could reach the highest summit by plane, it would be very comfortable but not fun. Cycling lets you smell the soil and listen to the planet sounds.

Don't you get bored?
Generally I enjoy my own company. I remember a boy, ten years old, who asked me if loneliness was not a burden. Loneliness is a burden if you do not talk to her for a long time, but when it becomes your best friend some days you miss her.

Why are you doing this?
No answer for that. I always improvise when that question comes up. Action is the answer, really.

What are you doing tomorrow?
Tomorrow is a deep sea you have to swim across ", Ángel González-poet.

Why don't you stay at a place?
Perhaps, one day. The true lack of activity will come from under the earth.

And at night, what do you do?
Before night time I find a place to rest. Sometimes just put up the tent if it is a quite place, other times I ask the police, or firemen... to put me up. The most important thing is to be ready to watch one of the most brilliant nature events: when the sun goes to sleep.

Do you shower? How?
Sometimes near a river or a lake... But if that's not possible, I use a home-made method. I have an Ortlieb bag that can take up to 4 litres of water. I try to fill it up at the end of the day and even if water is not very hot it is always nice to wash a bit to put on clean clothes.

Any fear?
Somewhere I read: "If you fear of suffering, you will suffer of fear". I am only afraid (I used to be afraid) of a monotonous and boring life.

What about money? Travelling so many years and not working must be difficult.
My monthly allowance is 300 euros, although I can live on 200, including visas and plane tickets if necessary. 3 euros a day on food is the limit, but I never spend that much. Sleeping is for free, I have my tent or solidarity from human beings. The rest of the money is for internet connection or to blackmail to get visas. It is enough money to gather experiences, but maybe not to live on.

What about food?
I carry my own cooker Dragon-Fly de MSR, for breakfast and dinner, the main meals. I do not need much else.

Alvaro will be leaving Australia very soon. Check out how you can help:

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