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Now for the main course - Barça! I have been privileged to watch so much football here in Barcelona. Yes, they broadcast the young ones on Barça TV - its fantastic.

Without going into all the details of the matches and so on I will write about a few things I saw, such as a Benjamin A game. They play football 7 here and it is fantastic to watch the young Barça teams play in the same brilliant style as the first team.  In this particular match a young Japanese player. Takeh, as the commentators called him, made a brilliant debut: he hit the crossbar twice, the upright twice and scored three. Incredible goals.

I headed out to Barças amazing Ciutat Esportiva on the outskirts of town. You get there by metro to the Camp Nou, Barças stadium in Les Corts and then catch a new tram out to the ciutat. As I get off the tram, Takeh and his mum are walking up to catch the tram. I smile at them and hold up three fingers, they beam back at me - very happy!

The next day I returned to the ciutat to watch a benjamin C match. The warm ups are great to watch and they are so good at what they do. This group are incredible and they end up winning by 16 to 1. Thank goodness the other team scored.

On the way back I stopped off to watch a local game or two at the Penya Barcelonista Les Corts Football Club. A match was underway between the Pre Benjamin teams. One of the coaches was getting so over the top that I could not help mutter "Oi, tranquillo signor". Everybody who heard me laughed. It was almost refreshing to see that some of the same things that happen in Oz happen here too. Including some of the play. But that is for another time.

Last Saturday I finally went to the Camp Nou to watch the Pep Guardiola Team! I cannot begin to describe it, just incredible to be there. At one point during the game I saw Messi, Xavi, & Iniesta standing near each other as Racing made a substitution. Wow! Everyone in this team is an incredible player and I am looking forward to the next Champions League game. Pep was asked in a press conference whether he was going to rest players. He said "of course not", as this series of games here and away in the Czech republic were games 3 & 4 of the group stage- Very important and not to be messed with!

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