A Spanish guide
in Bali
Rice fields in Bali Rice fields in Bali Sara Bosch

A Spanish guide wants to spoil you with the best that Bali has to offer. The trip started as an idea to share profound travel experiences amongst friends in a light, non-invasive, eco-friendly manner.

From luxurious Spa treatments to a different mix of yoga classes conducted by the best yoga teachers in the island, nature walks, temple ceremonies where we will learn about the spiritual and social culture of the Balinese people, paradise beaches and delicious food.

23 December 2011 - 4 January 2012
20 April - 3 May 2012
$1,780AUD (includes all activities, accommodation and transport excluding flights)

We have designed this tour having the Four Elements in mind:

  • Earth in full nourishment and natural walks
  • Fire in inspiring you to dare to enter some of the transformational aspects of Yoga
  • Air in opening up to new perspectives
  • Water cleansing and emotionally releasing qualities
  • And returning to Earth for some grounding before your return trip back home

You will experience:

  • 9 yoga classes with four of the best yoga teachers in the island
  • 3 pampering full body treatments
  • discover nature and learn about the medicinal abilities of the Balinese plants
  • explore rural Bali and learn about their beautifully protected culture immerse ourselves in their spiritual celebrations

Come and learn with a Spanish guide whilst having as the main focus to embark on deep journeys within. For every person that joins one of our tours 250 trees worldwide will be planted to compensate for the pollution caused by travelling.

PUBLICITY: For a day to day schedule and bookings, visit www.shambalagatherings.com

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